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Outside of Bipolar Studio


At a small, sunny corner of Kypseli, I set up a space that feels safer to me than my own home. My objective is for this space to act as a nurturing environment of emotional channeling, both for me and anyone who visits and becomes a communicant in the creative process, or an owner of one of my pieces.

A person creating during Ceramic Communion | Bipolar Studio
Set up of Ceramic Communion | Bipolar Studio

Ceramic Communion is a guided ceramic experience that aims at creating an interactive connection between wellbeing and clay, with complementary bites, tea, and emotional processing.

Logo of Ceramic Communion | Bipolar Studio Athens
Eleni Kokkoli Papadopoulou outside of Bipolar Studio holding one of her ceramic objects
Eleni Kokkoli Papadopoulou at Bipolar Studio creating one of her ceramic objects


I choose clay as my main means of expression, since I believe it is the only material that allows me to express my thoughts directly on it, without the need of any other medium. Just me, my thoughts, my hands and clay with nothing in between.

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