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Corner of Bipolar Studio
Eleni Kokkoli Papadopoulou at Bipolar Studio in front of her ceramic objects
Snapshot of a corner at Bipolar Studio with green aprons and Eleni Kokkoli Papadopoulou's ceramic objects


At a small, sunny corner of Kypseli, I set up a space that feels safer to me than my own home. My objective is for this space to act as a nurturing environment of emotional channeling, both for me and anyone who visits and becomes a communicant in the creative process, or an owner of one of my pieces.

Snapshot from a corner of the inside of Bipolar Studio
Throwing wheel at Bipolar Studio and a work in progress of Eleni Kokkoli Papadopoulou's ceramic objects


Let’s cohabitate. Open for ceramicists looking for a studio place to rent in Athens, my creative space can accommodate your process and pieces. We will be sharing equipment, space and storage and the sunny atmosphere of Bipolar Studio, upon agreement.

The space is a spacious and well-lit, fully equipped studio at convenient location in Kipseli, central Athens, with a pottery wheel, a kiln (122lt), plenty of storage spaceand tools.

Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting your ceramic journey, the studio provides the ideal environment for your craft.

+30 694 531 4466


→ 200€ / month (flexible hour scheduling)

→ Additional firing costs from 50€ / 60 lt

** VAT 24% not included


→ Access to the studio 15 hours/week

→ Unlimited use of studio equipment and tools

→ Reasonable use of studio standard glazes

→ 60 lt of kiln firings per month 

→ 2 storage shelves (60 cm x 50 cm x 30 cm)

** Clay is not included


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